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               The Matt Caroll interview                                                                                           THE JOURNAL OF SPORT,  LEISURE & RISK  WITH AN INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE         November 2021

              Q. We have seen in relation                      international sporting events scheduled                             We are absolutely committed to                    highest levels, to work in Japan on the
              to the Sydney 2000 Games                         for Australia over the next 10 years.                               Indigenous reconciliation through sport           Rugby World Cup and now at the AOC. So
                                                                                                                                   and there’s a lasting contribution
                                                                                                                                                                                     my highlights reflect where I have worked.
              and the 2006 Melbourne                           Q. What legacy would you                                            Brisbane 2032 can make here.                      In no particular order, Rugby World Cup
              Commonwealth Games how                           like to see from the 2032                                                                                             2003 in Australia, the establishment of the
              government and corporate                         Brisbane Olympic Games?                                             These Games are also for our friends              A-League and the Socceroos qualifying
              Australia respond with                                                                                               across the Pacific nations of Oceania.            for FIFA World Cup 2006 and most
                                                                                                                                                                                     importantly, the opportunity to contribute
                                                                                                                                   Opportunities for their communities
              increased funding support                        A. The Brisbane 2032 Games will                                     and athletes.                                     to the sports and provide opportunity for
              for sport. The AOC, along                        transform Australia in so many ways.                                                                                  all participants, none more so than now,
              with the CGA and the                             To get the three levels of government in                            But to create these legacies, we need to          with the Olympic movement in Australia.
                                                                                                                                   work together. I think we have a unique
              APC, is seeking to take a                        unison, the business community focused                              opportunity having been awarded the               Q. To all the young
                                                               on the opportunities and of course our
              different funding approach                       sporting community absolutely ready                                 Games eleven years out. We can deliver a          Australians enthused by
              over the next 11 years                           to take advantage of this opportunity.                              great Games and if we work together the           what they saw in Tokyo,

              through to Brisbane. How is                      Innovation, skills enhancement,                                     benefits will flow in the decades to follow.      what message would you
                                                                                                                                   And the work starts now!
              the approach different, for                      volunteering, sustainability, Indigenous                                                                              share with them in relation
              example to the 2000 Gold                         reconciliation and of course showcasing                             Q. Sportscover Australia                          to aiming for Brisbane in

              Medal Plan, and what is the                      our wonderful country.                                              turned 35 years old in                            2032?
              AOC seeking in terms of                          We have talked about the opportunity to                             September this year. What
              government’s commitment                          supercharge our sports, not just to get                             has been the standout                             A. Have a go! Every athlete who went to
              to sport over this period?                       them to the Games but for the decade                                highlight or highlights for                       Tokyo made a decision to have a go at
                                                               beyond the Games and into the future.                                                                                 their chosen sport. Those athletes made
                                                                                                                                   you in following Australian                       that commitment.
              A. It’s very much about harnessing               There’s the opportunity to create sports                            sport over that period; i.e.
              everything that sport has to offer. Sport        infrastructure that meets the needs of                              since 1986?                                       Each one of them has a different story, but
              as a means of getting Australians active.        the growing population in south-east                                                                                  what they all have in common is finding
              Sport improving mental health outcomes.          Queensland – that includes major                                                                                      something they were passionate about and
              The role sport can play in educational           events and community infrastructure.                                A. Well, I have been involved in the              getting stuck in. That meant overcoming
              outcomes. The sports industry as an                                                                                  administration of sport since 1981 when           hardships along the way, but they found
              economic driver within the Australian            Certainly, the Games can fast-track                                 I first joined my local rugby club’s              the tools to do that.  As the saying goes,
              economy across tourism, hospitality,             the road and rail infrastructure that                               committee. Over this time, I have been            every journey begins with the first step.
              technology and infrastructure. Creating          Queensland needs. This is the fastest                               fortunate to work in three sports at the
              jobs, careers and businesses.
                                                               growing region in Australia.
              We have talked about how sporting                And of course, as a sports-loving country,
              infrastructure at the community level can        I would hope Australians will be very
              be used for many other purposes, making          proud of delivering an Olympic Games                                     But to create these legacies, we need to work together.
              more liveable communities.  You can scale        that the world’s athletes enjoyed, that                                  I think we have a unique opportunity having been
              that up to the investment in sporting            delivered success for our Australian                                     awarded the Games eleven years out. We can deliver a
              infrastructure for major events that can         athletes and that brought our community                                  great Games and if we work together the benefits will
              make Australia a destination for the             together.                                                                flow in the decades to follow. And the work starts now!”
              world’s bigger events, driving tourism and
              further investment. There are already 30

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