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 CONTENTS   The Transgender debate intensifies –

            current policies are not ‘fit for purpose’.

 Click to go to page:  In the last edition of Touchline, we reported  sport up to national level - not international,
            on the transgender and intersex debate            professional or elite sport, but will have
 Editorial  3  within sport which was highlighted by          impact universally across sport.
            Florida Governor Ron DeSantis passing a
 35 years of sport – what a journey!   5  bill that barred transgender athletes from   The guidance points to research and
            competing in high school and college              evidence that there are “retained
 Tokyo 2020: A Very 21st Century Olympics   10  women’s events.   differences in strength, stamina
                                                              and physique between the average
 Women in Sport: it just keeps getting better   13  There were those who felt that this   woman compared with the average
            legislation promoted fairness; providing a        transgender woman or non-binary
 Interview with Matt Carroll, Australian Olympic Committee CEO   16   level playing field for natal female athletes.   person registered male at birth, with or
            There were others who objected to it on           without testosterone suppression”, and
            the basis that it promulgated exclusion           concludes that testosterone suppression
 Brisbane 2032   22
            when sport should be about inclusion and          is unlikely to guarantee fairness between
            opportunity for everyone.                         transgender women and natal females
 Interview with Rob Dalton, CEO of Sport Australia   24
                                                                                in gender-affected
                                                                                sports. This conclusion
 Looking Ahead: Sport in 2022   26
                                                                                is in conflict with the
                                                                                guidance issued by the
 Brazilian Jiu-jitsu: the gentle art of taking someone down   28  For many sports, the inclusion of   International Olympic

               transgender people, fairness and                                 Committee (IOC) in
 At Risk   30
               safety cannot co-exist in a single                               2015 stating transgender
               competitive model”. The guidance                                 women must suppress
 Sports Shorts   34                                                             testosterone levels for at
               covers community sport up to                                     least 12 months before
 Building on Success   37  national level - not international,                  competition.
               professional or elite sport, but will

 The Fostering of Champions   40  have impact universally across sport.         In our previous Touchline
                                                                                article, we referred to
 Transitioning from elite sport – the case studies   42                         New Zealander Laurel
                                                                                Hubbard who started
 Legal Focus   46  Now a wide-ranging review of transgender   out in men’s weightlifting events and
            inclusion in non-elite sport in the UK has        then transitioned to compete in women’s
 World Sports News Roundup   50  concluded that the current policies are ‘not   weightlifting at the age of 35. She
            fit for purpose’ and require updating.            appeared at the Tokyo Olympics, making
            The Sports Councils Equality Group (SCEG)  Games history by being the first openly
            said “for many sports, the inclusion of           transgender athlete to compete at a
            transgender people, fairness and safety           Games in a different gender category to
            cannot co-exist in a single competitive           the one in which they were born, but did
            model”. The guidance covers community             not medal.

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