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 Happy Anniversary  In talking to Peter, you know that his real   is perhaps mostly due to the quality

                                                             of our underwriting criteria but, what
            passion is sport and that comes through
 Sportscover!   Company. The mantra is ‘We are Sport’.       commitment to the health and wellbeing
                                                             sets Sportscover apart is its absolute
            in speaking with everyone else in the
                                                             of the sport, fitness and leisure industry.
            Fittingly, Simon Allatson, Sportscover
            Australia’s CEO, has a distinguished
            background in sport including as CEO of
            National Ice Sports, Swimming Australia,         We live and breathe sport, in particular,
                                                             and we are motivated every day to find
            Athletics Australia and the Sydney Kings         additional ways to support the sector
 Back in 1986, Sportscover Chairman Peter   Sportscover has also been recognised for
 Nash had a vision. He knew that there   its first class service and products within   NBL franchise, so understands the risk   throughout Australia. I would be hard-
 was a need for tailored sports insurance   the insurance industry by winning three   management and insurance needs of sport   pressed to identify another underwriting
 products for sport at all levels even   Australia and New Zealand Insurance   from a hands-on perspective.  agency as focussed on ensuring our
 though his contemporaries told him it   Institute Awards, two as ‘Underwriting   clients succeed as Sportscover. That
 would never work.   Agency of the Year’, and also for ‘Best   Simon endorses the view that the whole   commitment was set 35 years ago and
 Youth Employer’.  ethos of Sportscover is about supporting   remains as true today.”
 Since then, Sportscover has become   sport;
 probably the best known name in sports   So what has made Sportscover so   So, after 35 years, Sportscover is still
 insurance, noted for its dedication to   successful over the past 35 years?  “Sportscover Australia is one of the   going strong and focused on continuing
 sport and its innovations that are adopted   great sports insurance success stories.   to provide essential services to sport
 by sport, such as the first insurer to make   “We are passionate about what we do   From a small, family owned suburban   through a dedicated, flexible and sports
 pitch sign-off sheets compulsory and the   and how we do it. We don’t just offer   underwriting agency dipping its toe in   mad staff for many years to come.
 introduction of the blood rule    risk transfer solutions but take a holistic   the water 35 years ago, Sportscover has
 among others.   become the ‘go to’ provider for sport,      Here’s to the next 35 years.
            fitness & leisure insurance. Our growth

 When other insurers found
 the going too hard and
 withdrew from the sports   Sportscover Australia is one of
 market, as was the case   the great sports insurance success
 during the period of tort   stories. From a small, family owned
 reform in the early 2000’s,   suburban underwriting agency
 Sportscover went from   dipping its toe in the water 35 years
 strength to strength by   ago, Sportscover has become the
 continuing to provide the   ‘go to’ provider for sport, fitness &
 insurance needed to keep   leisure insurance”.
 sport going, particularly at
 grass roots level.

 In fact, some of Sportscover’s clients have   approach by working in partnership
 been insuring through the Company since   with our clients to provide value added
 the very beginning and, whilst many of   services through a joint problem solving
 the earliest clients were from the martial   approach”, says Peter Nash.
 arts disciplines, the whole range of
 sports ranging from AFL to yachting and   “But we wouldn’t have been as amazingly
 everything in between were also there at   successful without the fantastic support
 the start and still are.  of the brokers and the sports clients that
 we work with, so the real thanks for the
 wonderful 35 years goes to them”, he adds.

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