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 CONTENTS   Should sport make a

            political stand?

 Click to go to page:  There have been many times in the past   many examples where boycotts have been
            when sport has been used as a political           imposed on athletes because of politics,
 Editorial: Should sport make a political stand?   03  football. There have been boycotts of   often because of alleged human rights
            Olympic Games, world sporting events and  abuses, as with the recent diplomatic
 Private Equity in Sport benefit or curse?   05  prohibitions on teams taking part in events.  boycott of the Beijing Winter Games. In
            Some of the causes were justified in many         1980, President Jimmy Carter announced
 Private Equity investment in A League football   08  people’s minds – boycotting South African   that the US was boycotting the Moscow
            participation in sports events
 Barcelona: regeneration  or contagion?   10  during apartheid is one example.
            However, in most cases where
 Cricket: Lies and Sexchat   13  boycotts have been used, if not all,   So, on this basis should
            it has been the politicians rather
            than the sports administrators who           the sporting world now
 Sports Specialisation or Diversification in Young Athletes?   16
            have made these decisions.
 Pay Equity in Sport – more than just a gender question?   20  ignore President Putin’s
            It is generally a truism that sport
            and politics don’t mix and that it           aggression and bullying
 Beijing Olympics – A Games without spectators.   22
            is rarely acceptable for sport to be
            used for political purposes. Sport           against Ukraine?
 Olympian fostering future directors   26  should be open to all and above

   Transitioning out of sport   28  any political agenda.

            However, there are a few occasions when           Olympics because of the Soviet Union’s
 At Risk   30  sport may be justifiably used as a weapon      invasion of Afghanistan. This was initially
            against despotic aggression. The Berlin           supported by Britain and Australia, but
 Sport Shorts   34  Olympics in 1936 was one example where    they eventually did send athletes. In 2020,
            sport became entangled with politics to           Sarah Hirshland, CEO of the Olympic and
 Legal Focus   38  its detriment. Judge Jeremiah Mahoney,     Paralympic Committee, posted a letter
            President of the Amateur Athletics Union          on Twitter, stating “It’s abundantly clear
 World Sports News Roundup   44  led efforts to boycott the 1936 Olympics   in hindsight that the decision to not send
            on the basis that Germany had broken              a team to Moscow had no impact on the
            Olympic rules forbidding discrimination           global politics of the era and instead only
            based on race and religion. The boycott           harmed you – American athletes who had
            movement failed and the event became              dedicated themselves to excellence and
            a propaganda coup for the Nazis where,            the chance to represent the US”.
            during the opening ceremony the Olympic
            torch was carried past rows of Hitler Youth       So, on this basis should the sporting world
            and Nazi flags were draped all over the           now ignore President Putin’s aggression
            stadium. Hitler refused to shake hands            and bullying against Ukraine?
            with four gold medal winner Jesse Owens
            because of his colour.
            In the intervening years, we have had             Several football associations, including

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