Fairy Tale or Fair Enough? Leicester City’s Premier League Triumph

Leicester City have won the Premier League.

There is no journalist in the world who could have predicted they would be writing these words at the beginning of last season. Replace “won” with “been relegated from” and you get a picture much more representative of what most were feeling back in August last year.

The Foxes’ win is the most shocking, yet most endearing, sporting story in Premier League history. Even the brazen and baffling 1978 win by newly promoted Nottingham Forest pales compared to what has just happened.

The odds against them were truly astonishing. The bookies had them at 5000-1 for the win. They may have well made it a million to one: even their most die-hard fans would not back them seriously. The reasons for such long odds reflect the state of Leicester at the beginning of the season and the endemic oligarchical system in place.

Over the past decade, only Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City have won the league. Sometimes Liverpool and Arsenal get a sniff, but for a minnow like Leicester to get anywhere near the top, they would have to pole-vault over huge clubs like Tottenham and Everton. Ridiculous.

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