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                                                                                                                                                                                                   Issue 26  //  March 2017


          WE HAD MOVED ON...                                                                                                                                                                                     EDITORIAL  |  02

                                                                                                                                                                                                             ON YOUR BIKE |  04

                          e had all hoped that                within a year. But is that enough to focus the club on stopping
                                                              the abusers?
                          racial abuse in sport                  We all like to think that this kind of behaviour only happens                                                                          ULTIMATE FRISBEE  |  06
             Wwas dead. But recent                            in other countries but Australia and the UK are not immune.
                                                                 According to data from the UK Home Office, Manchester
           events show that sadly there are                   United supporters have been involved in more football-related                                                                    THE ASHES POSTMORTEM |  08
                                                              arrests where racism was an aggravating factor or feature
           still small sections of society that               than any other club in England in the four seasons to 2017-18.                              FOOTBALLERS WHO NEVER FULFILLED THEIR POTENTIAL  |  10

           are still in the dark ages. Racism                 Twenty-seven so called fans have been arrested in that period
                                                              for racial abuse.
           has reared its ugly head again.                       Championship clubs Leeds and Millwall each had 15
                                                              supporters arrested, while Leicester had 14 and Chelsea 13.                                                                             WORLD SPORT NEWS |  12
                                                                 Manchester United officials make the point that this is
             Sadly it is not restricted to any particular sport, although   0.0004 per cent of our matchgoing fanbase. Perhaps, but
           football has had a particularly poor record of late, culminating   that is still 27 people who have no right to be called fans or be                                    A MELBOURNE CUP STORY: ARCHER  |  14
           in the disgraceful scenes during England’s 6-0 drubbing of   allowed entry to a football stadium.
           Bulgaria in the Euro 2020 championship qualifiers a few weeks   Kick It Out reported last November that there were 520
           ago.  The match in Sofia was stopped twice in the first half   reports of discriminatory abuse during the 2017-18 season, an                                                     A MOST DANGEROUS SPORT  |  18
           following racist chanting by home supporters. Four Bulgarian   11% increase on the previous campaign and the sixth year in a
           football fans suspected of subjecting black England players to   row where the figure had risen.
           racist abuse have been detained following police raids.  Recently the bookmaker Paddy Power published a tweet                                                                                             AT RISK  |  24
             The English FA and Uefa have condemned the actions of   which contrasted the £10,000 fine given by the English FA
           the ‘ultras’ section of Bulgaria fans, with Aleksander Ceferin,   to Millwall in August for their fans’ racist chanting with the
           president of the sport’s European governing body, calling for   £50,000 fine imposed on Huddersfield Town for wearing an
           “football family and governments” to “wage war on the racists”.  oversized sponsor’s logo on their kit in a pre-season friendly.                                                               SPORTS SHORTS  |  26
             The president of the Bulgaria Football Union resigned  after
           being told to quit by the country’s prime minister.  What kind of message is this sending to the abusers?
                                                                 There needs to be concerted action on many fronts to
             In a statement, Ceferin said Uefa was committed to doing                                                                                                                                        LEGAL FOCUS  |  28
           everything it can “to eliminate this disease from football”.  eradicate this totally unacceptable behaviour. If clubs were
                                                              really hit in the hip pocket, through fines, stadium closures
             “There were times, not long ago, when the football family
           thought that the scourge of racism was a distant memory,”   and expulsion from competitions, it is likely to provide a much
                                                              greater impetus for the clubs to a find a solution.
           Ceferin said.                                         But unfortunately this scourge is not limited to top clubs
             “The last couple of years have taught us that such thinking
           was, at best, complacent”.                         with big budgets. But perhaps they could take a leaf out of the
                                                              book of minnows Yeovil and Haringey. The FA Cup qualifying
             The Vasil Levski Stadium was already partially closed for
           the match after Bulgaria was sanctioned for racist behaviour   round tie was abandoned because of racial abuse.
                                                                 Haringey’s boss Tom Loizou decided to call the team off
           during qualifiers against Kosovo and the Czech Republic.  after two of his players were racially abused and he was
             Anti-discriminatory body Fare has called for Bulgaria to be
           expelled from the Euro 2020 qualifying campaign.   supported in this action by the Yeovil manager and players.                      For information on advertising in Touchline, email us at
                                                                 Yeovil Town manager Darren Sarll told BBC Somerset: “On
             But unfortunately, racism is not confined to Bulgaria. In Italy,                                                                          
           Lazio were punished for the behaviour of their fans in a Europa   behalf of Yeovil Town, we fully support Haringey and we stand
           League group match against Rennes on 3 October and their   “The players and I decided we’d support [Haringey] and       Sportscover endeavours to ensure that the information contained in Touchline is correct at
           stadium will be partially closed for the match against Celtic in   make a stand together, and be stronger with togetherness”.  THE TIME OF PUBLICATION AND CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ERRORS OR OMISSIONS MADE
           November.                                             Let’s hope more managers and coaches in all sports take
             Partial stadium closure is the minimum punishment Uefa
           can impose. Lazio has been fined 20,000 euros (£17,300/   this lead.
           $A32,500) and will suffer full stadium closure if it reoffends

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