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              Q: Simon, most businesses        Q: Has Covid provided any        Nevertheless, there have
            have found it tough going        particular issues regarding      been no specific C-19-related
            through the Covid pandemic,      providing cover for Sports       issues in relation to casualty and
            but how has Sportscover          Associations?                    player accident/injury covers,
            fared during this time?                                           over and above the usual
                                               A: Absolutely! Cancelled       industry dynamics, and sports
              A: Sportscover was as          competitions, non-renewal        have been able to rely on these
            impacted as other businesses,    of memberships, business         lines continuing to be available
            both directly but also as a result   interruption – these all provided   to them through Sportscover.
            of the impacts felt by so many   challenges for sports entities.    In speaking to a number
            of our clients. The sport, fitness   The Australian Tennis Open   of sport CEO’s, the biggest
            and leisure sector has been      was perhaps one of the highest   issue facing sports has been in
            hard hit, and continues to be    profile examples of managing     managing through the changed
            challenged in some parts of the   through the C-19 impact, but    competition and membership
            country, particularly in Victoria.   the impact was felt all the   circumstances and ensuring
              Fitness and leisure            way through the industry to      their organisations continued
            businesses, sporting             the smallest community club.     to be sustainable, financially
            competitions and Clubs were      Remember, too, that many Clubs  and operationally.  A minimum
            forced to close or cancel        have also had to deal with the   20% reduction in membership
            overnight when C-19 kicked off.   impacts of the 2020 bushfires,   appears to be the level of
            Whilst the Federal Government’s  East Coast floods and a mouse    decline experienced by sports
            financial support arrangements   plague. It’s been biblical!      consistently across the sector.
            were a Godsend for many,                                          It’s also apparent that there has
            we felt the impact through                                        been a reduction in volunteer
            substantially reduced renewal      Q: What have been the          numbers – volunteers are the
            rates. April and May last year   major issues for Sports          lifeblood of so many sports
            saw our renewal rate decrease    Associations during this         clubs throughout the country.
            by up to two thirds. It was      time? How easy has it been
                                                                                Q: Has Sportscover done
 imon Allatson is Sportscover Australia’s CEO   sobering!  for them to obtain sports   anything to assist its clients
              Fortunately, by demonstrating  insurance and continue
 and a leading authority on sport having worked   flexibility and adjusting to fit   operations?  through this period?
 previously as the CEO/Executive Director of the   business circumstances, we
                                               A: Obviously, the two main
                                                                                A: When C-19 kicked off,
 SNational Ice Sports (ice hockey and skating),   have rebounded extraordinarily   insurance lines that have been   we worked through what our
            well. The last six to nine months
 NZ Tennis, Swimming Australia, Athletics Australia and   have been very pleasing for   impacted and will continue   response needed to be. We
 the Sydney Kings NBL franchise. Touchline caught up   us and, indeed, have been   to have impact have been   made two commitments: that
            among the most productive in
                                             cancellation and property.
                                                                              we wouldn’t lose any of our own
 with Simon to discuss the impact that Covid 19 has had on   Sportscover’s 35-year history.   Tennis Australia showed why it   people and that we would do
 Sportscover and its clients from an insurance perspective.  We are fortunate that our   was one of the best-run sports   whatever we could to help our
            underwriting authorities and     by having pandemic cover in      sport, fitness and leisure clients
            partnerships are strong and      place long before people had     manage through the crisis by
            are holding up well despite the   heard of Wuhan. Other sports    sharing the pain with them.
            current pressures within the     weren’t in the same fortunate
            global insurance market.         position.

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