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We were the first             State leaders losing all sense of   Q: Australia has performed                        there is no vision, the people   Games ever in Sydney 21 years      As the CEO of Sportscover,
            underwriting agency to offer,    proportionality and compassion.  better than most countries                           perish”. Thankfully, the NRL     ago. The rest of the world can   I was proud of the resilience
            for example, flexible policy     Preventing children from seeing   in containing Covid. Do you                         worked to a new vision and       look enviously at Australia      of the sport, fitness & leisure
            and premium arrangements,        dying parents, banning funerals   think that Australian sport                         demonstrated its tremendous      for the relatively minimal       sector. I was enormously proud
            including payment extensions     even though they are 300km       has been less affected by                            leadership.                      impact of C-19 so, being a safe   of the fact Sportscover realised
            and holidays. Feedback told us   from C-19 hotspots (so-called)   Covid 19 than sport in other                            Sport is so important to      haven adds demonstrably          the two ambitions it set at the
            this was very well received in   and refusing entry to hospitals   countries?                                          society in bringing us together   to our attractiveness as an     commencement of the C-19
            the market and assisted many     because you live in the wrong      A: This is a bit of a yes and no                   and providing outlets for        international host. That Australia  crisis and the way our people
            clients to keep their doors open.   State is just not what I thought   question. In the early stages of                our physical, mental & social    has been awarded the Women’s     managed throughout. Most
            We also worked with clients      this country stood for.          the pandemic, the whole world                        development and wellbeing.       Basketball World Cup 2022 and    importantly, we lived up to our
            who were able to pivot their        In relation to insurance, I   was struggling to come to terms                      When these liberties are         the Women’s Football World Cup  promise of being committed to
            service offerings to ensure      would anticipate that C-19 will   with what we were all facing                        restricted, we rely even more    2023 is testament to that. Now,   and invested in the wellbeing
            they could do so with adequate   prompt businesses and sports     and the clear prospect was that                      on watchable sport to fill the   all we need is for Australia to   and success of sport in this
            insurance in place to support    organisations to interrogate     sport (and fitness and leisure)                      void. Fortunately, sport at the   win the rights to host the 2027   country through the tangible
            their efforts – a visible example   their risk management         would cease to be played for the                     professional level at least, was   Rugby World Cup – and the      support we provided.
            of this was Gymnastics Australia   frameworks more deeply to      foreseeable future. A lot of the                     able to continue in Australia and   Wallabies to win it of course!
            which developed on-line video    identify, and try to predict, what   public health thinking appeared                  in other parts of the world so we                                   We survived and finished the
            coaching modules so that its     can and should be covered.       quite irrational – it was unsafe                     still had our athletes and teams   Q: How would you sum up        year full of running. That’s more
            athletes could train at home.    Obviously, there will be cost-   to go for a run, then it was ok;                     to follow and support.           the last year?                   than can be said for the teams I
            This required an adjustment to   benefit considerations in        golf courses weren’t safe to be                                                                                        support so, not surprisingly like
            GA’s cover, which we were able   play because C-19 yet again      played on; commercial gyms,                             Q: Has that provided some       A: Living in Melbourne, it’s   just about everybody else, I was
            to facilitate.                   demonstrated that not all sports   despite their exacting hygiene                     opportunities for hosting        been hugely frustrating. The     looking forward to 2021 almost
                                             have the capacity to take out the  protocols, were assessed as                        more major sporting events       approach taken by the State      all the way through 2020.
               Q: What do you think the      full suite of insurance covers – in   being unsafe even in areas with                 in Australia?                    Government has been so
            lasting impact will be of the    this, sports are little different   no C-19 cases etc.                                                                 damaging to the community,
            lessons learned from these       to households in determining       Fortunately, for Australian                           A: I would certainly like to   the effects of which will be felt
            unprecedented times?             whether they can afford to       sport at least, the NRL found a                      think so. Australia hasn’t lost its   for years to come. People have
                                             take out comprehensive health    way through and lead us all back                     global reputation for hosting    seen how the NSW Government
               A: Personally, I hope we      insurance.                       from the looming wilderness. As                      spectacular international        dealt with the same issues – the
            never have to witness again                                       Proverbs 29:18 tells us, “where                      events which was bestowed        comparison has been glaring
                                                                                                                                   upon us following the greatest   and stark.

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