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                                                                        Issue 26  //  March 2017

 TOUCHLINE IS BACK!                                                                        FEATURES

 hat a long eighteen   other major sporting events. When leagues

 months it has been.    were permitted to play again often it has                          EDITORIAL  |  02
 WNot long after we   been in eerily quiet stadiums with fans locked   TOKYO 2020: BY THE NUMBERS |  04
 published issue 33 of Touchline   Grassroots sport has been particularly   EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE  |  06
 in November 2019 the world   hard hit with many clubs unable to open for

 went into lockdown, reeling from   some or all of the period and almost all have   THE WIDER IMPACT OF COVID-19|  08
 a pandemic that is still having a   struggled to maintain income. Gyms and   THE TOXIC SIDE OF SPORT  |  10
 fitness centres have been especially hard
 severe impact in most countries   hit, but all sports organisations and venues   WORLD SPORT NEWS |  12
 around the World. Many of these   have felt the impact. Here in Australia, we   INTERVIEW WITH SIMON ALLATSON, CEO SPORTSCOVER |  14

 are now experiencing their fourth   have been particularly fortunate so far, as
 wave of the virus from an even   the number of people catching the virus has   THE UTTERLY PREDICTABLE FULL OF JARRYD HAYNE
 been low, but that could change at any time
 more contagious Delta variant,   especially given the slow roll out of vaccines.   AND OTHER HIGH-PROFILE STARS |  18
 including Japan just as the   It will therefore come as no surprise to our   PROTECTING SPORTS OR PROTECTING PEOPLE:

 Olympic Games are about to start.   readers that in this issue we examine some of
 the effect that Covid has had on sport.                            THE TRANS-/INTERSEX DEBATE  |  20
 So far there have been nearly 200 million   During the pandemic, parent organisation          AT RISK  |  24
 people infected and almost 4 million deaths   Sportscover has been continuing to provide
 worldwide from the deadly virus.  The   the essential insurance services for sport. We   SPORTS AUSTRALIA HALL OF FAME  |  28
 ramifications of it will be felt for years to   have interviewed Sportscover’s CEO, Simon   LEGAL FOCUS  |  32
 come; totally disrupting life as we know it,   Allatson, to ask him how Sportscover and
 preventing people from travelling freely   sport in general has fared during this difficult   SPORTS SHORTS  |  34
 and creating a huge economic burden   time and to find out what Sportscover has
 for virtually every country and future   been doing to help its sports clients.        LEGAL FOCUS  |  36
 generations. It has changed the very social   There are also articles on a number of   ANYONE FOR PICKLE BALL? |  38
 fabric of society and how we live, which may   topical issues and a review of a relatively new
 have repercussions in the future, particularly   sport, pickleball. Sounds interesting doesn’t it!  SMASHING THE SNOW CEILING |  40
 for the younger generation.  Plus all the regular features are back
 At the time of publishing Issue 33 we did   in Touchline, together with the focus on
 not foresee the catastrophic events that were   relevant legal issues affecting sport and
 about to unfold and would have had difficulty   leisure providers. This time we examine   For information on advertising in Touchline, email us at
 in comprehending the huge impact it would   inherent risk and the efficacy of the use of
 have on people and the economy….and on   disclaimers.   Sportscover endeavours to ensure that the information contained in Touchline is correct at
 sport. The effect on sport has been severe,   It is great to be back. We hope you enjoy   THE TIME OF PUBLICATION AND CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ERRORS OR
 leading to the postponement of the 2020   reading this edition of Touchline.  OMISSIONS MADE
 Olympics, 2020 Euro championships and   Best wishes from the team at Touchline.

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