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 Socceroos at the 2023 Asian Cup: Will They Bounce Or Flop  THE JOURNAL OF SPORT,  LEISURE & RISK  WITH AN INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE  November 2023

 Socceroos   The Socceroos are one of those national

           teams that beguiles. Perhaps it is the
 at the 2023   underdog status, the way they go into

           each international competition with just
 Asian Cup:   enough potential to go far, despite the

           presence of more renowned countries

 IS THIS THE YEAR   in play. Australia’s national football

           team are going to be punching at their

 OF REDEMPTION?  own weight at the 2023 AFC Asian Cup,

           however. Taking place in January in

 Tim Mottram, independent sports journalist  Qatar, the Socceroos are amongst the
           favourites to lift the trophy.
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