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            New sports for

            Los Angeles 2028

 CONTENTS   The International Olympic Committee                 But experts consider that this figure could

            has confirmed that Cricket will be an               rise to A$300m now cricket has been
 Editorial: New sports for Los Angeles 2028   03  Olympic sport again along with four   added.
            other sports at the 2028 Games in
 Superbowl extravagant entertainment and football unpredictability   05  Los Angeles.  Flag football gets in for   Cricket has been played once before
            the first time, with baseball-softball,             at the Olympics, in 1900, when a team

 The Decline in Australian Rugby: Can It Be Saved?   08  lacrosse and squash also included.  representing Great Britain beat France
                                                                by 158 runs in a single match (although
 The 2024 Australian Open: Countdown to Tennis Glory   10       the French team was largely made up of
                                                                Brits!). The T20 format will be used for
 Socceroos at the 2023 Asian Cup: IS THIS THE YEAR OF REDEMPTION?   12  men and women at LA and it is highly
            The Olympic Charter                                 likely to be retained for the Games in

 When Bazball Met the Ashes   16                                Brisbane, Australia, in 2032.
            states that in order to be
 At Risk   20                                                   The decision to pick squash, which has
            accepted, a sport must                              lobbied for decades to make the Games,
                                                                and lacrosse, which last appeared in 1908,
 Striking a Balance: The Complex World of Disciplinary Actions in sports   22  be widely practiced   is perhaps more surprising.

 Legal Focus   26  by men in at least 75                        Lacrosse was hailed as the first game

   Sport Shorts   28  countries and on four                     played on the American continent by its
                                                                native people. The sport has been played
            continents, and by                                  twice at the Olympics, though not since
 Sport Australia Hall of Fame Awards   30                       1908. Lacrosse is a popular sport with
            women in no fewer than                              young people in the US. The discipline
 World Sports News Roundup   34                                 chosen is likely to be the fast-paced, high-
            40 countries and on                                 scoring “sixes” event which is staged over

                                                                four eight-minute quarters.
            three continents.

                                                                Squash will make its debut after several
                                                                previous applications to get Olympic
                                                                status failed.
            Cricket has won its long battle to be
            added to the Olympic programme and                  However, there was no space for
            the popularity of the sport in India had a          breakdance, which will not return after
            big part to play in that. The IOC’s desire          making its Olympic debut in Paris next
            to tap into India’s huge market and the             year.
            enormous following of cricket in that
            nation made it an almost certainty for              Flag football, a five-on-five non-contact
            LA 2028. The current Olympic broadcast              sport variant of American football, has
            rights in India are reportedly worth just           also been included.
            A$30m for Paris 2024.

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